So, you’ve been involved in a collision; now what?

  1. Make sure everyone is ok and out of any danger. Notify proper authorities, if necessary.
  2. If your vehicle is unsafe to drive have it towed to Red Mill Auto. Contact us if you need assistance finding a tow.
  3. Two important phone calls should be made. One to the insurance company to report the claim and the second to Red Mill Auto to get an estimate of the damages and assist if any questions arise.
  4. If going through insurance an appraiser at Red Mill Auto can give you an estimate of your damages and report that to your insurance company or the insurance company will send out an appraiser of their own to report the damages on behalf of the insurance company.
  5. It is important to protect yourself and your vehicle from any further damages. Make sure you have any pertinent information regarding the parties involved so that insurance can settle your claim in a timely manner.

 Been involved in a collision?

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