The exciting part of the collision repair industry is that no two jobs are the same. Collisions happen at different angles, at different speeds and with different sizes of vehicles. While there are general repair procedures, they must be tailored to the specific situation. A typical repair would go as follows:

  • If you have not received an estimate yet we will be happy to provide you with one. It will need to be approved by the insurance company before repairs can begin.
  • Before repairs begin any parts on the estimate will be ordered so that they will be in stock before the vehicle is dropped off.
  • Once your vehicle arrives for repair we will take apart the necessary panels and assemblies to examine for additional damage not documented in the initial estimate.
  • From here the actual repairs being. Panels will be repaired, replaced, taken apart and prepared for the refinishing stage.
  • To ensure color match, the painter will qualify the vehicle’s color. Once prepared for paintwork the vehicle will enter the SaicoZero paint booth and will be refinished.
  • After the vehicle has been painted, the car will head back to the technician so it can be reassembled and head out to be prepared for customer pickup.
  • If at any stage of the repair work it is necessary to add an item to the estimate a supplement will be sent to the necessary insurance company for approval. This is a common procedure that happens during the repair process.
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